Thursday, 8 March 2012

Karen we are full of emotions and everyday takes us on a roller-coaster, the last three years have been mad, sad exciting, crazy bonkers and lovely.
I have loved you since the day I saw you in Cambridge in your old battered hat...and I am sill sorry for calling you Jane...thank you for the music , you will always be in my heart...sleep tight and I will always have time to talk to you..

The above was a text I sent at twelve o’clock on a Friday night, I had watched the Movie Hugo about an orphan French boy living in a train station and drank a lot of red wine (trust me the movie warranted the amount of red wine that I consumed).
Drunken Texting is when you are at your most honest and whiney; from jotting down thoughts I have come to the conclusion that I am becoming a whiney whingey little girl with big long blond pigtails.
The sooner I stop feeling sorry for myself the better.

I am now living away from Karen because it really is hard to bear being around her (I am not really sure how I feel around Karen now, do I still love her or is it you just like having sex with her, Don’t get me wrong she is funny sexy lovely, but she also has such a Baggage train with her that at times that I just crave the peace and quiet of being single.

I will get over her and with each day it does become a little a friend said maybe it is better to remain friends because it will only help when in six months we can still talk to each other.

The above is true I am trying to find a balance in my life at the moment and I do look forward to the day that Karen and I are long distance friends.

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