Thursday, 20 October 2011

Family history part 4

The street where he lived being a pencil drawing did not bother my grand franchiser, he preferred his next for neighbors to be fictional creatures.

Family history part 3

Grandfather was always fascinated by the idea of witchcraft, many a night he would sit around his black pitted cauldron trying to make a familiar out of twigs and baby fat but all to no avail.

Family history party two

My grandfather loved being in the service, the sense of discipline the tight corsets and the feeling of power over those who were socially below him.
Every day the excitement of the willow cane thwacking against someone inferior to him gave him An erection you could carry logs on.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hope for this Hero

Things were hard for me when I left the army

my marriage ended badly leading to a brief brief stint in prison (three years two months and six days) I was convicted of torture and self-imprisonment, luckily the manslaughter charge did not was hard when I came out and afeter spending a year living as an addict on the streets of glasgow with only my dog Skippy as company, I found our lord Jesus Christ and became a born again Christian....he saved me and I was it’s been trhree years without the crack and heroin. (Skippy sadly passed away last year) and I am now living with my pre-op transsexual boyfriend Gaynor in a bedsit in Brighton, things have turned around for me now ...please forgive the typing and spelling I lost three fingers to frostbite and the rats while on the streets...