Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Dear diary here there be dragons

Last night I dreamed of being a lamp shade a pink frilly one that my grandmother had in her bedroom, what the hell does that mean dreams are odd, I so do miss my teenage years and wet dreams they were something to go to bed for....simplistic times.
As I write I find myself at the age of 45 sitting in my really dirty Ford focus about to start blogging about my life, warts facial hair and all, being able to wright my thoughts down no matter what or where from my amazing smart phone.
Age is weird I am forty five now (I wrote that as a number before now as words which is the right way). I know that I am physically older because I now see my father’s face looking at me from the bathroom mirror but mentally I really don't have a clue, we say that we are children inside but would someone please explain the rules of life to me.
I am making my life up as I go along and that frightens the shit out of me. There are no rules just the human race moving towards an uncertain goal. (What is the goal of humanity as Bill Hicks said to evolve and get the fuck off this planet) all hiding the fact that inside we are all children waiting to be told what to do.