Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hope for this Hero

Things were hard for me when I left the army

my marriage ended badly leading to a brief brief stint in prison (three years two months and six days) I was convicted of torture and self-imprisonment, luckily the manslaughter charge did not was hard when I came out and afeter spending a year living as an addict on the streets of glasgow with only my dog Skippy as company, I found our lord Jesus Christ and became a born again Christian....he saved me and I was it’s been trhree years without the crack and heroin. (Skippy sadly passed away last year) and I am now living with my pre-op transsexual boyfriend Gaynor in a bedsit in Brighton, things have turned around for me now ...please forgive the typing and spelling I lost three fingers to frostbite and the rats while on the streets...

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